icigai1 GmbH has emerged from a charitable project aimed to activate public involvement. The company designs and projects social learning games for schoolchildren, students and young people.

In the ZIM network ClearRiverSolutions – Network icigai1 assumes responsibility for the activation of volunteers for water protection projects. Among other things, a game app is to be developed in which water purification activities are made visible on site. Players can register via the app and take part in actions. Every good deed for nature will be rewarded.

“We don’t want to point out problems to the citizens or make them feel guilty. Water and nature conservation is something beautiful that we want to bring closer to the citizens with a beautiful game. It should not only be fun to get involved in water purification projects, there must also be an incentive to get involved voluntarily. If the cleaning of rivers, waters and seas becomes something that is fun and also brings a practical advantage, people will motivate each other and start volunteering without outside help,” say the founders Jan Oertel and Michael Dietz.

News der ICIGAI1 aus dem ZIM-Netzwerk

Network partner on tour (1)

In preparation of another project application, a representative of a network partner is currently in Vietnam to exchange views on the problem of river pollution through face-to-face talks.