Participation in the CleanUp Event in Magdeburg

On Saturday, August 31st Magdeburg was at the Cleanup Tour of the Cleanriverproject e.V.

Two students from the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg also participated in this event, who are also supporting our ZIM-network Cleanriversolutions.

Experience report

Around 13 o’clock we arrived at the beach bar in Magdeburg to participate in the CleanUpEvent. Due to the high summer temperatures, the event was not very well attended, so after a short introduction and registration, the 14 participants headed towards the old Elbe.

There we had a briefing about the boats, hints for collecting the garbage at the shore and of course information about the route.

In particular, it was pointed out what, for example, should not be collected. (Too big things like bicycles, which could capsize the boat, but also military equipment, which was already discovered by some participants at other events.


Before we went on the boats, all personal utensils were packed in special waterproof covers.


Around 14 o’clock, 5 boats started to free the Elbe from rubbish.


The first few meters were a challenge for inexperienced riders, but all volunteers mastered it with flying colours.


During the next 3 hours on and off the water, the participants of the event collected about 10 full bags of garbage, including numerous packaging materials, plastic bottles, glass, bicycle parts and the frame of an office chair.

Stephan Hoch from CleanRiverProject e.V. was always a great help and kept a watchful eye on the participants in the river Elbe. After all, we often had to leave the boat to collect the garbage in the shore area. The broken glass, which was picked out between the stones, was a particular challenge.

Unfortunately, the unrelenting sun made the whole tour more difficult, heating up the body even more in addition to the high temperatures.

At the end, we went ashore again at the beach bar, satisfied but also very exhausted, where we were invited for a meal and a drink.

An Lam und Phạm Bá Hoàng Nguyên
OVGU students and members of the ZIM network CleanRiverSolutions

Route on the river Elbe