Our fields of Research and Development

The ZIM network is committed to the ecological upgrading and rehabilitation of rivers and inland waters. The focus is not only on the regional market, with an emphasis on central Germany, but also on the ability to act worldwide.

The following fields of action will be backed up by our network partners with concrete projects in the coming months and then presented here.

System solutions for surface cleaning of river courses

  • Mobile floating separation system
  • Adaptation of the “fish-friendly weir” for the separation of near-surface waste
  • Cleaning system for sluices and hydraulic engineering systems

Solutions for Community's & Water Owners and Users

  • Software as a platform for information exchange and regional organization of waste disposal campaigns

Concepts & solutions for the removal of micro-plastics

  • Quick Test Micro-Plastic Concentration
  • Innovative filter materials
  • New “BioPlastics”

Solutions for port and urban areas

  • Autonomous systems for cleaning port areas (swarm cleaning)
  • Hydropower-based autonomous supply system with active micro-plastic filtration

Detection and recovery of metal scrap from the bottom of the water

  • Drone-based mapping of scrap metal and warfare agents in lakes and rivers