Visit to the Barleber Lake restoration site

On 18 September 2019, ZPVP GmbH visited the restoration works at Lake Barleber. These are carried out through the network partner IAG (Institut für angewandte Gewässerökologie GmbH).

Since 2016, the Barleber lake has been increasingly infested with blue-green algae, which recently led to a ban on swimming in the popular local recreation area. The restoration of the approx. 1 km² lake in the north of Magdeburg with a volume of approximately 7 million m³ water will be carried out by our network partner in cooperation with the company K.A. Tauber Spezialbau GmbH & Co. KG in cooperation with the company K.A. Tauber Spezialbau GmbH & Co.

At the beginning of the project at the 9 m deep lake only a visibility depth of 50 cm could be determined. The input of 1000 tons of aluminium salts (polyaluminium chloride (PAC)) causes phosphorus precipitation, which results in a long-term binding of the phosphorus in the sediment to the aluminium minerals at the bottom of the lake.

In mid-September the visibility was increased to 5.5 m after only two months. Until the completion of the project the visibility should be increased to 7.5 m.

The product has a food approval and is therefore absolutely harmless for humans and animals.

Insights into the restoration on this day

Beginning of the restoration of the lake

Article by Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk from 9 July 2019.

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Further information on the project and the successful completion of the renovation can be found on the website of the Centre for Environmental Research: